Usability Analysis

Here at CReATED, we have a passion for understanding consumers and what components lead to a great user experience. We firmly believe that the same principles of usability apply to all consumer experience, whether it happens online, on a portable device, in the supermarket or at home. Asking whether a consumer can achieve what they set out to do, and if a brand has been a successful part of that is at the heart of our approach.

Our services span the following;

  • Accessibility
  • Usability Testing
  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Usability Training
  • Games Testing
  • Print & Pack Testing

As well as a passion for usability we’re determined to deliver real business impact with each project. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ research solutions, consumer behaviour is complex and reductionist approaches miss the bigger picture. That’s why we believe it’s important to actively engage as many stakeholders as possible in the research proposal and design stages and thoroughly question your brief before a single field study has been conducted.

So if there’s a research question you’re simply struggling to answer and need some fresh thinking, or you have an existing research brief you’d like our input on we promise not to be afraid of questioning the status quo and providing a solution, please get in touch.


No man is an island and we are happy to work alongside your existing providers and suppliers at the very inception of a project. We want to ensure that a) our value to you is maximised and b) real actionable insight can result from our findings. That’s why we offer stakeholder workshops for your project debrief and free support for 6 months after every project to help you make maximum use of our findings.

What you get:

  • Thorough in-house recruitment
  • Full written report of findings (or summarised if you prefer)
  • Specialist eye tracking analysis (qualitative or quantitative)
  • Full video/media outputs from fieldwork in a format which works for you and your stakeholders
  • Debrief presentation and client workshop
  • Free support on the findings for 6 months

In addition you can expect close collaboration from us at all stages of the project cycle. Our dedicated team of researchers are skilled in all elements of the project cycle, from recruitment to moderating to industry leading eye-tracking and analysis to sleek multimedia reporting.

Our unique process

We start by;

  • Taking a brief so that we understand exactly what needs to be achieved from the usability testing. From there we take on the entire organisation of the project.
  • Writing the script – We are passionate about the detail that it takes to create natural user behaviour, ensuring that how users engage with the stimulus is as close to the real world as possible.
  • Recruiting the right participants – Speaking to the right people is key to the success of the project. We work hard to bring you spot-on targets; we manage all recruitment in-house, use participants just once and have great attendance rates.
  • Moderating the sessions – Our usability practitioners are highly experienced at using eye tracking technology. They are also skilled at making participants feel at ease, listened to and respected, ensuring sessions run smoothly, with maximum insights extracted.
  • Meaningful observation – Each project employs two moderators, whilst one is with the user, the other is with the client observing and note taking. This helps the sessions evolve over the course of the day and ensures we’re probing what really matters to stakeholders.
  • Analysing the data – Eye tracking creates a huge amount of data that requires careful review. By running a tag team we can begin to consolidate all the evidence into usable findings as soon as the first user is tested.
  • Reporting the findings – We offer a range of easy-to-use reporting styles, depending on your needs. We concisely summarise the key findings with our recommendations. Fuller analysis is often illustrated with screenshots, visualisations and user evidence as appropriate. We also provide video clips of key issues, full videos of the sessions are available.
  • Presenting the issues back to the team – We don’t just leave it there, we want to deliver actionable insights that make a difference to your organisation. Our full reporting option includes a complementary presentation/workshop to help the team prioritise next steps.
  • Continued support – We offer six months free follow up support on all findings, to ensure that later designs address the identified need and can supply a solution prototyping service where appropriate.