Mobile Usability, Learning and Application Development (MULAD)

Project Title:

Mobile Usability, Learning and Application Development (MULAD)

Project Artifact:

Mobile Academy: Developing a Mobile Learning (M-Learning) Application (app) for Android based smartphones.

Team Members:

The project team consists of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and usability experts as well as experienced Android programmers. The initial team members of the project are as follows:

  • Dr. Monir Bhuiyan
  • Mahdi H Miraz
  • Md. Sajid Khan


As the title implies, the aim of the Mobile Academy Project is to develop an Android based adaptive mobile app for M-Learning


To achieve the above mentioned aim of the project, the following objectives have been identified:

  • Iterative Design and Evaluation of a prototype before the actual development takes place
  • Developing the first iteration of Mobile Academy App using Android
  • Evaluation and usability analysis of the app
  • Repeat the previous two objectives several times before we reach the final version

 Snapshot of the Home Page

Figure: A sample snapshot of from the prototype

Planned Features:

After carefully conducting the requirement analysis of the project, the team members have recognised the need for the following features to be included in the project:

ü  The app is intended to be used by both the instructors and learners

ü  Both types of users can login either creating an account with us or using their Khan Academy credentials. OAuth standards will be used for this facilitation of the Khan Academy Users.

ü  The users will be able to update basic user profile at any time.

ü  Modules offered by Mobile Academy and Khan Academy will be interchangeable

ü  ALL Khan academy modules/courses will be accessible via Mobile Academy mobile app

ü  The instructors will be given the option to add modules they want to teach

ü  The module will be customizable so that the instructors can upload/add resources (video, image and text) according to their need

ü  Upon the request from the instructors, secure pass keys for enrolment and tests can be also generated to limit access the course materials only to the authorised students.

ü  Mock tests/quiz and certification exams will be included should any student wants to take them

ü  Upon completion of the certification exams, ‘signed’ certificates will be provided which can be printed using the Mobile Academy app

ü  Should any prospective employer/third party wants to verify the certificates, such facilitation will be provided as well

ü  Upon successful login, students’ progress records, history and other related information will be accessible to them at any time.


Flow Chart for User Interaction:

Initial draft of the User Interaction Flow Chart has been presented below:

Figure: User Interaction Flow Chart


As mentioned earlier, a iterative design approach will be used throughout all the phases of the development of the project till we reach the final version of the product. So this flow chart and snapshots presented in this webpage is subject to change at any phase of the project. However, the webpage will be updated accordingly. Come and visit the website every now and again to get the lates update on the project. Alternatively, you can like/follow us on FaceBook, LinkedIN and Twitter. Should you have any suggestions that might help the us to enhance the app, please feel free to contact us using any of the methods provided on the “Contact” page of this website.